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Because your customers have told us they want to be able to get any intimacy item from a party they could get from the local novelty shop we work with a host of vendors and manufactures to ensure you will always have what you are looking for. With over 150,000 items to offer, you will never be without products for your customers.

We have broken our catalog up so that you will always know where to point your customers.

Bottoms Up


Bottoms UP… Anal sexual activity can be pleasurable, fun and very stimulating solo or for partners. Anal sex toys are erotic and exciting. We have found the best items to help you achieve the ultimate orgasms. Spice up your sex life with anal toys – butt plugs, anal beads, probes and prostate massagers.



Vibrators are the most popular female sex toy today. They can help you have your first orgasm, or just more intense ones! We have vibrators to stimulate all your pleasure points, for masturbation or partner sex. Beginners and experts alike love vibrator; with clit, g spot or remote control models there are vibrators for every occasion.

Warm & Wet (Lubricants)

Lube up for a better sex life. If you're looking for personal lubricants or sexual lubricants, look no further. We have a wide variety of sex lubricants to help keep you slipping and sliding your way to a happier and more pleasured sex life.

Pleasure Himself

(For Him)

Although many think of Sex toys as “something for her,” Sensual Party carries products that are specifically designed for his pleasure. When your hand just isn't enough, male masturbators help fill the gap. For solo pleasure or when she wants to join to spice up the orgasm we have found toys that will continue the male pleasure for him and her.


Get the party started with our huge selection of bachelorette party gifts and bachelorette party items. With this many choices, your next bachelorette party decorations, decor, and novelty items are sure to make your party a success! The honeymoon is probably the most passionate and unforgettable experience any bride will ever encounter.

Just Getting Started


The newly married, those trying to enhance their sexual experiences, or those who are new to sexual intercourse the section for beginners will slowly guide you and your partner to a more sexual, healthier love life. With toys, books and items to take you from MILD to WILD.


Get the party started with our huge selection of bachelor party gifts and bachelor party items. With this many choices, your next bachelor party decorations, decor, and novelty items are sure to make your party a success! The honeymoon is probably the most passionate and unforgettable experience any groom will ever encounter.

Flying High

Take your intimacy to another level. Whether you desire to fulfill the ultimate stripper fantasy or roll play in a sex swing we have what you’re looking for. A variety of awesome sexual positions can be enjoyed with a Sex Swing or entice your loving by showing them you can work the pole the stripper pole that is.

Chain Gang

(Bondage / S&M)

Many couples enjoy bondage or S&M types of sexual play, although this is a broad category that can really run the gamut from mild to wild. For some, it may simply mean using a paddle for some light spanking or furry handcuffs for harmless restraints. Other couples are into: leashes or collars and serious restraints, hot wax, whips, etc. The important thing is to make sure you and your partner are both comfortable with the choice of S&M tactics.

Hard & Stiff

(Dildo & Dongs)

Dildos and Dongs are one of the most famous sex toys used by women, couples, and men. Dildo is also the oldest as well. They are the perfect adult sex toy for simple vaginal or anal or even oral penetration, and short of the real thing, nothing fills you better! As a dildo user, you get to control the action completely by determining penetration depth, angle, and speed. Dildos are one of the best when it comes to foreplay and masturbation. Dildos come in variety of shapes and are made of many different materials. You can find silicone, cyber skin, glass, rubber, jelly, and steel dildos at our store. Guaranteed orgasm!

Pleasure Herself

( For Her)

Women's sex toys are superb products for helping women achieve orgasms faster and optimizing their sexual health and satisfaction. Sex toys for women are tools that can help you learn more about your sexuality improve your sexual technique or add a buzz to partner sex. Whether you're interested in a traditional vibrator to help you learn how to orgasm, a clit vibe to help you come during intercourse, a strap-on dildo to pleasure your partner or a playful game to help break the ice, we've got the toys that will help get things going in your bedroom.

Make It A Game Night (Games)

Having the occasional game night can also make sex suddenly playful, with all competitions offering a win-win situation as you lick, tease, and seduce each other. Whether a board game, deck of cards, or love dice, games add variety, novelty, and titillation as lovers wonder what “wanton” act will come next. Using a sex game can help lovers to let loose. We at Sensual Party know that, it's not whether you win or lose, IT”S HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME.

Shower With Me


Everybody loves sex in the shower so we make bath time sexier. See our selection of water resistant and waterproof vibrators and sex toys that you can enjoy in the bath or in the shower. Allowing you to explore ecstasy you never thought possible. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride.


(Go Green)

You want a screaming orgasm, but not if it makes the earth cry. Since you already reduce, reuse, and recycle -- and now you can hug a tree while you’re hugging your partner, too. Well we have a selection of glass, wood, aluminum and stainless steel toys that will fit your needs and your budget.

Spa Treatment


When it comes to relaxing and caring for yourself, we have all the massage oils and lotions and bath products you need to unwind. Soothing, gentle and, potentially sensual way to relieve tired muscles or get the mood started. We have aromatic and therapeutic massage oils, bath beads and gels for sexual heighteners or simple relaxation.

All Time Favorites

(Best Sellers)

For many years we have complied list of what people use and love the most. Here you will find our best sellers, the items that have been proven time and time again to give you the best of sexual pleasure for both men and women.



We have a wide variety of edible items to increase your intimacy. Using your tongue to lick his/her belly, inner thighs, behind her knees, buttocks, and the area surrounding her genitals or other areas of the body may create a more intense orgasm. That is why we have edible panties, fruit flavored lubes or whip crème will make sex enjoyable for him and her.