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We know that starting your own business has it challenges. We at Sensual Parties believe that you should work for yourself but never by yourself. Therefore we have put together a host of aides that will be your outer office support system. We want you to be the best you can be, while enjoying every bit of what you do.

With 8 kits to choose from starting your business fits into each and every budget. We give you all you need to be your own boss while being successful at it.

Donít worry, you never have to house inventory or make sure an item is in stock, you order we ship to all your customers or to you, we make being a business owner a litter easier.

Cash or Credit cards the time of your party, or processing online we have it all covered for you. No need to set up an expensive merchant account.

We want you to be successful, thatís why we always keep you up to date with our continued product line. We have weekly conference calls to educate you or log into your back office for this information.

Never miss an opportunity to earn money $$$. Your customers can shop online while you reap the rewards with your own sensual party website. No hassles we maintain it for you.

As a consultant we want you to be happy. We have come up with ways to help you push for success. Trips, Cash and Cars are just a way to say thank you.

Brochures, Catalogs and more, we created all these to help you expand your business. Plus conference calls to help you with your own marketing.

Weekly conference calls, back office information and more to make sure you always have the best training the industry has to offer.

There is a template to help you give those hosting parties a little thank you, we also encourage you to find what works and create specials tailored to your hostess.

Bachelorette, bachelor, birthday parties and more, you can make money before you even host the party with our unique gift registry program.

Weekly conference calls, back office information and experienced reps to answer your questions via phone, we are always here for you.

As a consultant you will enjoy and love what you do. We have done what no other Adult party company has done; we feel that men and woman should have a chance at financial independence.