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Tired of the same old corporate grind, well we have relief. ? Take a stand against jobs that don't inspire. Against schedules that run ragged. Against layoffs, bosses, and a roller-coaster economy. Set your own hours, work as much or as little as you want BE YOUR OWN BOSS!!! We put forward a working model that each and every person who wants to be financially independent can be. We have woman and men who have desired to live extraordinary lifestyles by owning and managing their own businesses - while promoting sexual awareness and well-being. Our corporate motto isnít simply be our own boss, it also requires that you have fun while doing so. We have part and full-time Consultants, and those that work their business alongside another job. If youíre looking to supplement your income, start a new career, be your own boss or simply educate and empower other people, Becoming a Sensual Party Romance Consultant is the way to go.